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Consider reducing the dose and or frequency of wellbutrin sr in patients with renal impairment glomerular filtration rate less than 90 ml per min see use in specific populations , clinical pharmacology .

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Skip any missed doseand get back on schedule when it’s time for the next dose.

Under the brand name Zybanbupropion has also been prescribed to help people quit smoking.

The black-box warning notes the need to monitor patients taking antidepressants for signs of any worsening of their depressionand for the emergence of suicidal thoughtsespecially in the first few months of treatment or when the dose is either increased or decreased.

BupropionWellbutrinis a different type of antidepressant that is very effective in treating ADHD in adults and childrenIt’s generally well-toleratedbut it also has some side effects that may be a problem for some people who have anxiety or seizures.

QI know Wellbutrin is an antidepressantDoes it also help you lose weight or keep your weight down?

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wellbutrin bupropion is a prescription medicine used to treat depression.