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cheap Canada Goose Serial reposters may be canada goose outlet washington dc filtered. False claims of ownership and/or flooding (>4 posts in 24 hrs) will result in a ban. Basically, it contains any belief ever held by any Christian group (so mostly groups now considered heretical) as long as it awesome. So you get to keep things like Jesus the 12 year old dragon tamer, canada goose outlet houston for instance. Part of it, derived from our surface level understanding of Gnostic Christianity, is that the god of the Old Testament isnt really the big G God. He the haydar-furniture.com demiurge, the creator of the flawed physical world we inhabit, and he kind of an asshole. The real God, creator of the spiritual universe (including the demiurge), got tired of him being such an asshole to his creation, canada goose outlet jackets and sent Jesus canada goose outlet nyc as a blood sacrifice (because that what asshole god demands) to try to save humanity from our canada goose outlet usa creator. Basically Jesus is a loophole (I forget if we had Jesus as a rebellious son of the demiurge or the true Son of God, we were assuming a nontrinitarian framework so there was some wiggle room) that the demuirge has to honor, but he isn really happy about. So he looked among his chosen canada goose outlet mississauga people for a giant asshole canada goose outlet uk sale to recruit to ruin it (here is the biggest problem with our “improved” Christianity: it kind of wildly antisemitic). And he found Paul. Looking at Paul life as described in Acts, looking at the whole new testament, and even the whole Bible reveals Canada Goose Outlet a more nuanced view than that one verse. Daniel obeyed the king in some things, and disobeyed in others, taking the punishment doled out by the State. Peter escaped from prison, therefore not taking the punishment directed. cheap Canada Goose

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