“The Same Thing Keeps Happening Over And Over

Refreshments served during intermission. Fellowship Hall of St. Matthew’s Church, 382 Cantitoe St., Bedford. One of the kids on Little People, Big World claimed his family screwed him out of the royalties from that show back in 2015, and that he quit because it wasn’t real at all, they were just forcing him to play a character. Not to be outdone, one of the wives on Sister Wives was extremely publicly catfished by another woman pretending to be a man. She would later claim that the “romance was real,” over at this website https://www.canadagoosetomall.com Canada Goose Outlet but as with all things on TLC, “romance” can be translated as “the faintest hint of artificial hope in the collapsing shitstorm of life.”The Same Thing Keeps Happening Over And Over.

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