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We just don’t know why it is that you can ski on ice but not on boulders. Although at this point, most of you are probably screaming “It’s water, stupid!” and that’s more or less the answer that scientists have always concluded. Even in some modern textbooks you can still read the popular explanation: Unlike most substances, ice expands when it freezes.

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cheap cheap jordan retro 3 jordans shoes Or how disappointing many of the reveals were after their buildup (like the master blue print).But instead of cheap jordan retro 11 asking questions about why I dislike these things and getting into where to buy cheap jordan shoes a real discussion about this people downvote instead. It makes me think most of the subreddit are shills who are here to create an ad campaign rather than actually discuss a thing they supposedly love.The cheap jordans wholesale china overall plot I was okay with as well, but the series had a lot that really turned me away from it, a lot of plot holes, character things, and writing. I think Netflix really is trying to make their shows appeal to too many audiences at once and it ends up making it kind of mundane in being spread thin. cheap jordans shoes

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