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Atrial SeptostomyIf medications don’t control your pulmonary hypertensionthis open heart surgery might be an optionIn an atrial septostomya surgeon will create an opening between the upper left and right chambers of your heartatriato relieve the pressure on the right side of your heartLung TransplantationIn some casesa lung or heart lung transplant might be an optionespecially for younger people who have idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension.

The complications need to be reduced by taking proper health careHealthy diet needs to be taken regularly along with proper medicationsSmoking should be stopped and exercising sessions should be attended daily without any fail Overweight or obesity needs to be controlled properly for reducing the complicationsSpecialized caring strategies need to be maintained for avoiding severe kinds of health complications that are quite annoyingIf you wish to discuss about any specific problemyou can consult a Pulmonologist.

Pulmonary hypertension mainly occurs due to narrowing of the arteries of the lungs as a result of which the flow of blood is restrictedIn this kind of conditionblood fails to carry oxygen to your heart and thus your heart gets adversely affectedThe blood pressure of your body will get increased to a great extent if this situation remains untreatedthus leading to bdreadful consequensesspecifically situation like heart failureserious pulmonary diseasesblood clots in lungs and congenial heart defectsetc.

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