Shane was chewing on a piece of gum for the whole wedding!Watch

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hermes replica bracelet Last time, I was really looking for a change. I felt my life was Hermes Replica Handbags becoming stagnant, and that there best hermes replica was a lot more I could be doing. I just wasn’t sure how to go about it. Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticePresenters Holly Willoughby and Hermes Replica Bags Phillip Schofield were among the audience of family and friends for the nupitals which viewers had been looking forward to for weeks.The big day went perfectly, but some viewers spotted something the groom was doing which infuriated them reports Mirror Online.Shane was chewing on a piece of gum for the whole wedding!Watch This Morning’s Alison Hammond PUSH assistant in Albert Dock on floating weather mapAlthough he had fresh breath for his new bride, the audience at home were taken aback by his audacity to chew gum during his wedding vows.There were even accusations that the best man was also munching his way through the service.Disgruntled viewers took to Twitter after spotting his chomping jaw.One viewer said: “Lovely wedding, beautiful bride, fabulous singers, nice cake, amazing honeymoon present from ThisMorning, their first dance on TV. But I still can’t let it go how the groom chewed gum throughout the whole ceremony. I need a life.”Another added: “Can’t believe the groom and best man chewed gum all the way through that ceremony.”A third said: “What an absolutely beautiful wedding hermes replica bracelet.