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Postmarketing reportsPeripheral neuropathymay be irreversibleperipheral sensory neuropathyconvulsionperipheral sensory motor neuropathyataxiaincoordinationexacerbation of myasthenia gravisexacerbation of extrapyramidal disordersdysphasialightheadednesstaste disturbancesmell disturbancehearing disturbanceequilibrium disturbancedyskinesiaageusiahearing impairedRef]

Children may be more sensitive to the side effects of this drugespecially joint/tendon problems.

Postmarketing reportsHepatic dysfunctionincluding hepatic necrosisjaundicecholestatic or hepatocellularhepatitisincluding severe caseshepatic failureincluding fatal caseselevated liver function testsincluding GGTLDHbilirubinsevere liver injuryincluding acute liver failuresometimes fatalRef]

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you will usually be advised to take floxin 200 to 400mg twice a day.