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These drugs will increase the side of effects of compazine , especially drowsiness and dizziness ; blood pressure medications such as propranolol inderal , methyldopa aldomet , and clonidine catapres these medicines may cause dizziness and fainting if used with compazine ; anticoagulants such as warfarin coumadin these medicines may have decreased effects of compazine , which could lead to blood clotting ; and phenytoin dilantin compazine may increase the effects of phenytoin and lead to side effects; therefore a lower dose of phenytoin may be needed .

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Information about Clonidine.

Generic is available for this medication in tablet for use as tablet in generic formhoweverthere is no generic available for the patch form.

High blood pressurehypertensionmeans high pressuretensionin the arteriesTreatment for high blood pressure include.

Generic is available for this medication in tablet for use as tablet in generic formhoweverthere is no generic available for the patch form.

Patients with renal impairment may benefit from a lower initial dosePatients should be carefully monitoredSince only a minimal amount of clonidine is removed during routine hemodialysisthere is no need to give supplemental clonidine following dialysis.

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this drug can interact with a number of other compounds, including the blood pressure medicine clonidine catapres .