Our first viewing was arranged for just a couple of days after

Make your cut with a rotary cutter all the way up to the marked line, leaving a half inch at the top uncut. Take your time and use lots of pins. The seam of the horn should be facing the center of the long end of the strip. Spring training in Arizona offers the best of baseball for both the obsessive and the casual fan; as life has intruded, I increasingly find myself shifting from the former category to the latter, and the experience of a trip to Phoenix never diminishes. At Maryvale, a fellow Mariners fan in front of me kept detailed notes about each player’s time on the field. At Surprise, where my parents and I watched the Mariners beat the Rangers, I chuckled to myself when young guys with jersey numbers in the 80s players unlikely to come anywhere close to the Major Leagues this year or next trotted out to replace others in the middle of a game.

canada goose coats We also tidied the outside of the flat, to maximise our “kerb appeal”.Our valuation was booked in for the start of November.We looked at online estate agents, to save on fees, as well as traditional high street ones and eventually decided to pay more to get more from a high street agent.They agreed to accompany all viewings, so we wouldn’t need to be home at the time, as well offering a professional photo shoot along with people who would clean and stage the property (as well as carry out maintenance if needed) for the pictures.By the time the photos were in and the brochure ready it was the start of January. Our first viewing was arranged for just a couple of days after the flat came on the market and all looked well.Read MoreHow to sell your home for moreA “punchy” valuation Our flat was marketed higher than another estate agent felt it was worth. The agent we chose felt the extra work done and the professional photoshoot justified this value.Buyers said they liked the flat, but felt it was a little over priced one suggesting it was worth less than our asking price.Ahead of every viewing I was filled with hope this time they would like my home. canada goose coats

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