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Although rare in countries such as the protease inhibitor to be used in combination with nucleoside united states where blood is screened for hiv, the virus can drugs such as azt; this was followed in 1996 by approval for be transmitted by transfusions of infected blood or blood-clot- the protease inhibitors ritonavir and indinavir to be used alone ting factors.

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Selected laboratory abnormalities of severe or life-threatening intensity reported in patients treated with CRIXIVAN aloneCRIXIVAN in combination with zidovudine or zidovudine plus lamivudinezidovudine aloneor zidovudine plus lamivudine are presented in Table 11.

Of courseif you have persistent diarrhea or vomitingyou should contact your doctor.

If indinavir and didanosine are administered concomitantlythey should be administered at least one hour apart on an empty stomachconsult the manufacturer’s product circular for didanosine

When HIV becomes resistant to one drug in a classit sometimes becomes resistant to other drugs in that classThis is called cross-resistanceFeel free to talk with your doctor about your current and future treatment optionsTo help you decide what these future therapies might beat some point your doctor can have a small sample of your blood analysed using resistance testingShould HIV in your body become resistant to indinavir your doctorwith the help of resistance testingcan help put together a new treatment regimen for you.

Indinavir may cause side effectsTell your doctor if this symptom is severe or does not go away:

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median indinavir exposures during the second and third trimesters were significantly reduced compared with post-partum.