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Remember, keep this and all other medicines out of the reach of children, never share your medicines with others, and use atarax only for the indication prescribed.

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Kp this lalt. You may nd tad it again. I you hav any uth qustions, ask you doctphamacist. This mdicin has bn pscibd you. Dnot pass it on toths. It may ham thm, vn i thi symptoms a th sam as yous. I any th sid cts gts sious, i you notic any sid cts not listd in this lalt plas tll you doctphamacist.

Patints should b wand that Ataax may impai thi ability tpom activitis quiing mntal altnss physical co-odination such as opating machiny diving a vhicl. Concomitant us hydoxyzin with alcohol oth CNS dpssants should b avoidd as this may aggavat ths cts (s sction 4.5 ‘Intaction with oth mdicinal poducts and oth oms intaction).

Th Patint Inomation Lalt (PIL) is th lalt includd in th pack with a mdicin. It is wittn patints and givs inomation about taking using a mdicin. It is possibl that th lalt in you mdicin pack may di om this vsion bcaus it may hav bn updatd sinc you mdicin was packagd.

Antimuscainic sid cts (both piphal and cntal) may b incasd i Ataax is givn with antimuscainics such as atopin and som antidpssants (both ticyclics and MAOIs) (s sction 4.4 ‘Spcial wanings and pcautions us’)

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