” Non unanimous juries were one of those measures

Where: 403 E. Taking over a wing of the 105 year old Patricia Hotel to turn it into a showcase room by room micro exhibits for her unique works questioning what may happen to our ethics and humanity as bioengineering and genetic manipulation increases and our environments and experiences change. From such lovable characters crafted from silicon, fibreglass, human hair and found objects as this young reader in Teenage Metamophosis (pictured), Piccinini art is powerful.

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cheap moncler outlet As a result, Louisiana prosecutors do not truly have the burden of proving their case “beyond moncler sale outlet a reasonable doubt.” They only need to persuade 10 of 12 jurors to send a defendant to prison, even for life.The result? A state justice system in which felony trials are held without cheap moncler outlet the full participation of African Americans.Here’s why: During Louisiana’s all white constitutional convention in 1898, delegates passed a series of measures specifically designed to “perpetuate the supremacy of the Anglo Saxon race in Louisiana.” Non unanimous juries were one of those measures, and the intent was clear: If the federal Constitution required that African Americans be allowed to serve on juries, the state constitution would make sure that minority votes could be discounted.In a review of nearly 1,000 felony trials in the state,the New Orleans Advocatedetermined that 40 percent of jury verdicts were not unanimous. They also found that the moncler factory outlet combination of prosecutorial strikes of African American jurors and the 10 2 jury rule has sharply diminished the participation of African American jurors. It’s hard to have faith in a criminal justice system that treats members of the community differently based on race.Take Kia Stewart, an African American manwho was convicted of cheap moncler second degree murder and sentenced to life without parole. cheap moncler outlet

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