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uk canada goose “That is the concern.”Troops in tanks, waving Soviet flags, rolled out of Afghanistan in 1989 as Moscow withdrew from its costly, decade long war with mujahideen guerrillas.’First warning call’ Russia’s inroads with the Taliban represent a striking turnaround 30 years after the Soviet army was beaten canada goose outlet london uk by the Afghan guerrilla force.The 1979 1989 war, which aimed to prop up an allied Communist government, ravaged Afghanistan, killing an estimated 1million Afghans and destroying the country’s infrastructure and farm sector. It also exacted a canada goose outlet 80 off heavy toll on the Soviets, draining Moscow’s coffers and leaving at least 15,000 of their soldiers dead, many of them killed by an Islamist force armed covertly by the United States.Soviet veterans, or “Afgantsy” as they are known, were seldom given a hero’s welcome when they returned home. Instead, they were seen as an embarrassment, their lack dig this canada goose outlet of battlefield victory symbolizing disillusionment with the Soviet state.When the United States and other NATO nations moved into Afghanistan after the attacks of Sept uk canada goose.