I’m sure bad unions exists, just like there are bad

vice’s double standards when it comes to ‘offense’

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canadian goose jacket So if you’re gonna hand wave away the fact that other countries with stronger unions outperform us by bringing up culture, it seems like it would make sense to just admit it’s much bigger than evil teachers unions. I’m sure bad unions exists, just like there are bad administrations, problems with culture, poverty etc etc. It’s very dumb to act like breaking the union will be a panacea. canadian goose jacket

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canada goose factory sale Before 2008, the WWE was geared towards teens and adults (the 14+ age group; The WWE’s TV shows were rated TV 14 before ’08). Don’t let your children watch this event. The goal of this event is Social Engineering. You can see it in the parents eyes that they fucking lying, or at least that they not being completely honest. Stop acting like you wouldn canada goose outlet jackets love a normal child more. I pretty sure your life plan didn involve taking care of your Down Syndrome son every day canada goose outlet locations in toronto for the rest of your life.I knew a kid growing up who had a severe type of Autism. canada goose factory sale

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Canada Goose Jackets Greenpeace UK took an unconventional approach to the research: Members of the environmentalist group posed as representatives of fake oil and coal companies and asked two climate change skeptics to write papers promoting the benefits of carbon dioxide and coal in developing countries. The two academics the group approached Frank Clemente of Pennsylvania State University and William Happer of Princeton University reportedly agreed to pen the reports and not to reveal their more information funding source.The group’s expose follows revelations from The New York Times earlier this year that Willie Soon, a scientist at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, accepted donations from fossil fuel companies and anonymous donors to write papers that challenged the consensus on climate science without saying where his funding came from.This academics for hire tactic has “materially changed the debate about climate change,”said Jesse Coleman, a Greenpeace activist who participated in the probe. “You could say that one of the reasons we’re facing such dire climate change risks is because these fossil fuel companies are funding climate change denial.””It’s the exact same playbook” tobacco companies once used to “convince people of something that is just not true,” Coleman added Canada Goose Jackets.