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Chck with you doctight away i blud vision, diiculty in ading, any oth chang in vision occus duing at tatmnt with this mdicin. You doctmay want you you child thav you ys chckd by an ophthalmologist (y docto).

Patints whdnot spond adquatly tth stating dosag at 2 wks thapy, placing th cunt stngth ADVAI DISKUS with a high stngth may povid additional impovmnt in asthma contol.

WANING/CAUTION: vn though it may b a, som popl may hav vy bad and somtims dadly sid cts whn taking a dug. Tll you doctgt mdical hlp ight away i you hav any th ollowing signs symptoms that may b latd ta vy bad sid ct:

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