Ended up hating it because of all the hype leading up to me

What is the best movie you have seen in 2017

I was really surprised by Get Out. I canada goose outlet uk not the biggest Key Peele fan, so I wasn too high on the movie. Although, I always intrigued by primarily comedic actors taking on something more serious.Then came all the hype, the 99% on RT, everybody canada goose outlet trillium parka black praising it around here. I was fully expecting another Big Lebowski canada goose outlet online uk movie. Hadn seen it, heard years of hype over it. Finally saw it and it turned out to be a so so movie. Ended up hating it because of all the hype leading up to me seeing it.But, in canada goose outlet edmonton Get Out case, it lived up to the hype. Very well done movie. However, there was something about the canada goose clothing uk ending that didn sit right with me. canada goose outlet website legit I guess I just didn like that it chose to conclude the horror story rather than continue the race relations story it had been telling up to the big reveal. I don know, minor quibble I guess.You should also know the first two seasons are half Lynchian surreal crime drama and half tongue in canada goose outlet ottawa cheek satirical take on old soap operas, so the quirky tone can take some getting used to at first. The show also has a dip in quality toward the end of the second season but the final episode is amazing and vital to canada goose outlet toronto location have seen to get the new season http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org , so stick with it.You should also try and watch the movie, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, as it not only contains more info to help you get more out of the current season but will be canada goose outlet store toronto a good bridge from the quirky soap opera feel of the original series to the dark, Mulholland Drive like tone of the new one. canada goose outlet toronto factory I don even like canada goose jacket outlet toronto horror movies that much but it was so goddamn smart and so goddamn fun. canada goose outlet washington dc The garden party scene is going to be taught for decades on how to build and maintain tension in a scene without a single jump, and how to both resolve a scene while maintaining a steady and continuous rise in the film overall conflict. It a masterpiece.Best I saw in 2017: This is really hard, I been catching up on movies from 2016 and boosting my Criterion numbers. Metropolis, Les Diaboliques, Nocturnal Animals, Sing Street, canada goose outlet in toronto and George Washington really stood out. Gun to my head, Metropolis would be my favorite. The soundtrack is insane canada goose outlet , the cinematography canada goose outlet london is basically unmatched, and the story still canada goose outlet in new york holds up. I watched Apocalypse Now just last night and the two and a half hours blew right by. Coppola really knows how to put together a scene. It goes from an awesome canada goose jacket outlet uk scene with Ride of the Valkyries to an absolute shitshow where you have no idea what the hell is going on in a matter of minutes.As for Easy Rider, loved how it goes from picturesque hippies exploring their country to public enemies held captive by drug addiction and everyone else prejudices. It does still suffer from the scientist trope a bit (albeit less than Prometheus did, and haven seen Covenant yet), but they did a good job of keeping the tension up. The main thing that kept me from watching it for a while was that I heard the alien is this little blob thing, didn seem very intimidating canada goose outlet mall compared to, say, a xenomorph. I say though, the alien in Life is a tough little bastard! It is far from the best sci fi I seen, but it pretty good. It simply the most beautiful movie I ever watched. It a masterclass in cinematography and it blew me away. canada goose outlet belgium It doesn even need a strong plot because the directing, composition, editing, is god damn on point.Second best film is probably Hara Kiri which is the best samoura film I seen so far because it not about flashy fights like many others but on the opposite, it all about character. The samoura canada goose outlet store uk stuff is more of a setting in which the action takes place. It dark and so tragic. Amazing acting, amazing visuals and it has on of the best movie themes I ever heard. Go watch it if you want to see a Movie that will probably hit you on a very high emotional level. Hugh Jackman played this role for 17 years and he was just so good a James Howlett/Logan/Wolverine. No one ever considered someone else canada goose outlet mississauga to play him and he always be Logan. He still is the best casting choice ever for portraying a comic book character. Patrick Stewart was amazing as he always is. Dafney Keen was awesome, that girl has bright future when it comes to acting that for sure.The Prestige by Christopher NolanIMO the best Movie by Nolan. Better than Memento, The Dark Knight, Inception and Interstellar. I have never ever seen a story like this one. Two magicians trying to outdo each other. Wonderfully played by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Michael Caine, Scarlett Johansson and David Bowie were there aswell.

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