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Donpzil is usd ttat conusion (dmntia) latd tAlzhim’s disas. It dos not cu Alzhim’s disas, but it may impov mmoy, awanss, and th ability tunction. This mdication is an nzym block that woks by stoing th balanc natual substancs (nuotansmitts) in th bain.

I you nd sugy dntal wok, tll th sugon ahad tim that you a using Aicpt. You may nd tstop using th mdicin a shot tim.

Donpzil impovs th unction nv clls in th bain. It woks by pvnting th bakdown a chmical calld actylcholin (ah s til KO ln). Popl with dmntia usually hav low lvls this chmical, which is impotant th pocsss mmoy, thinking, and asoning.

Tll you doctight away i any ths sious sid cts occu: toubl uinating, sv stomach/abdominal pain, black stools, vomit that looks lik cgounds, sizus.

Aicpt can caus sid cts that may impai you thinking actions. B caul i you div danything that quis you tb awak and alt.

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