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Editors' Holiday Shopping Guide: 5 Fitness Must-Haves

Thinkstock Giving season is upon us, and most of us already have enough socks and ugly sweaters to last a lifetime. cheap Canada Goose Optimal health Canada Goose Outlet is one of the best gifts that a person could ever have, and I think Canada Goose Online we all could use a good push in that direction. Anyone that Canada Goose sale knows me knows that I place health and wellness pretty high on my list of priorities. Why? Because you can't get ANYTHING done if you're not in Canada Goose Coats On Sale tip top shape!Whether or not you're shopping for that fitness Canada Goose online fanatic in your life or the novice who canada goose deals needs a little bit of direction, these gifts will assist them in achieving their health and fitness goals.The Product: Misfit Flash canada goose Fitness TrackerImage:misfit.comWhy Buy:Whenever you are seeking to achieve optimal health and wellness, it's best to measure your progress. Fitness trackers make this task very easy. They monitor your heart rate, canada goose black friday sale steps buy canada goose jacket taken, automatic sleep tracking and overall physical activity while you are performing various tasks throughout the day. The Misfit Flash tracker is a good standalone product. It offers the same functionality as some of the more costly fitness trackers, but at more than half of the price. The Misfit Flash is available in a canada goose outlet series of bright, bold colors, and its sleek, plastic design is perfect for daily wear. The Misfit Flash is also completely waterproof, so it's perfect for those who wish to take their fitness activities to the swimming pool. Just try that with your smartphone. No wait, canada goose clearance sale don't.Order Up: The Misfit Flash is available Canada Goose Jackets for $19.99 at Product: Resistance BandsImage: Get HealthyWhy Buy: Resistance bands are not only affordable, but very useful for workouts of all levels. Resistance bands are made of strong, thin rubber and come canada goose store at a variety of resistance levels that allow for ample progression. These tools allow canada goose replica you to do just about any type of strength training, and you can work a number of muscles in the body. This crafty piece of equipment allows for individuals to add that extra challenge to traditional Canada Goose Parka workouts like squats, leg raises and shoulder workouts. The best benefit of all? No gym membership required.Order Up:You can grab resistance bands from many stores, including for as low as $5.The Product: Rumble Roller Deep Tissue Massage RollerImage: Amazon.comWhy Buy: Regardless of fitness level/intensity of workout, EVERYONE should make stretching part of their fitness routine. The Rumble Roller Deep Tissue Massage Roller is one of the pricier foam rollers, but worth the money. This full-size roller is put some pressure on the widest part of your back and both legs in one pass. The density is also good for people new to foam rolling, as the practice of self-massage will take some getting used to. While painful initially, canada goose clearance foam rolling stretches even the tightest of muscles, while increasing one's flexibility and relieving pain.Order Up: The Rumble Roller Deep Tissue Massage Roller is available on for around $50.The product: Water/Protein Supplement BottleImage:Good HousekeepingWhy Buy:You would canadian goose jacket think that staying hydrated is common sense when working out, but you'd be surprised at how many canada goose coats folks opt not to rehydrate during their fitness routines. buy canada goose jacket cheap A canada goose coats on sale couple of sips of water here and there will not cut it. You've got to drink water like your health depends on it, because it does. The Nalgene OTGEveryday water bottle is a good choice because it's BPA-free, light and easy to carry around. Pros can use the bottle to shake up and replenish off of their protein supplements and novices can use it to get in the habit of staying hydrated.Order Up: The Nalgene OTGEveryday water bottle is available on for $10.The Product: Optimum Nutrition MultivitaminWhy Buy:This high performing multivitamin is made for those invested in fitness. Traditional multivitamins may give you your daily recommended dose of vitamins and nutrients, but Optimum Nutrition is packed with more than enough of what you need to have a powerful workout. Offering more than the daily recommended value of Vitamin D and other key supplements, your body will be fueled to the max. Having the proper nutritional value is critical to fitness as your body uses more energy and fuel than someone who does not work out.Order Up: The Optimum Nutrition multivitamin is available for both men and women at your local health food store or online at for $15.99.