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Duc th isk myocadial inaction (MI) duc th isk stok duc th isk vasculaization pocdus and angina.

Colchicin: Cass myopathy, including habdomyolysis, hav bn potd with atovastatin co-administd with colchicin, and caution should b xcisd whn pscibing ATOLIP CV with colchicin.

Hpain: In a clinical study conductd in halthy subjcts, clopidogl did not ncssitat modiication th hpain dos alt th ct hpain on coagulation. Co-administation hpain had nct on th inhibition platlt agggation inducd by clopidogl. A phamacodynamic intaction btwn clopidogl and hpain is possibl, lading tincasd isk blding. Tho, concomitant us should b undtakn with caution.

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