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Aldactone spironolactone unrelated aldactone spironolactone is a mild diuretic that interferes with the action of a hormone called aldosterone.

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Busing spionolacton, tll you docti you gulaly us oth mdicins that mak you slpy (such as cold allgy mdicin, sdativs, nacotic pain mdicin, slping pills, muscl laxs, and mdicin sizus, dpssion, anxity). Thy can add tslpinss causd by spionolacton.

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75 mg PO qDay dividd doss initially; i sol thapy, administ ?5 days bincasing dos tobtain ct.

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do not use potassium supplements, salt substitutes, or low-sodium milk while you are taking aldactone spironolactone , unless your doctor has told you to.