Although national guidance or standards might help

use policies would help Canadians and employers

designer replica luggage VANCOUVER Not enough replica handbags china companies have comprehensive substance use policies and those that provide them offer inadequate measures to help struggling employees, the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction says in a report aimed at bringing awareness to workplace practices before marijuana is legalized this summer. designer replica luggage

best replica bags Loss of productivity, absenteeism and increased costs are just some of Fake Handbags the outcomes of unaddressed substance use issues, says the report based on a review of about 800 companies, 35 publicly available policies, interviews with a Replica Bags dozen experts on their company policies and responses to an online survey. best replica bags

Organizations that appeared to have well developed policies were typically larger and involved safety sensitive industries, including aviation, marine, rail, oil and gas, construction and law enforcement, the report says.

almost all policies included disciplinary measures such as termination, many policies did not sufficiently incorporate, or were completely absent of, proactive and supportive elements high quality replica handbags such as educating employees, training cheap replica handbags managers and offering employees support options.

replica designer bags however, are unsure about how to move forward. Of particular concern is the difficulty in determining impairment by cannabis. Substance Wholesale Replica Bags testing of bodily fluids only indicates the presence of THC, but does not indicate impairment, as the drug remains in an individual wholesale replica designer handbags system for an extended period of time. separate discussions with the centre, employers have called for more guidance from federal, provincial and territorial Handbags Replica governments on how they can mange the change in KnockOff Handbags the legal status of cannabis, the report says. replica designer bags

particular, several Designer Fake Bags organizations suggested that a national standard on policies pertaining to substance use, including cannabis, would be useful. Although national guidance or standards might help, organizations still need Replica Bags Wholesale to create policies and best practices that are tailored to their specific needs. policies are typically private so more data could be analyzed in future studies, says the report, which used policies posted on the internet.

high replica bags Kat Wahamaa said her 25 year old son replica handbags online Joseph Taylor Wahamaa, purse replica handbags a journeyman ironworker, overcame a drug addiction before relapsing. high replica bags

replica bags from china They have an employee assistance program but I also know that he was very afraid to Replica Designer Handbags actually even approach his employer because of the stigma that attached replica bags from china

replica designer backpacks She said her son feared negative consequences if he sought help, even in the midst of an opioid crisis that has particularly affected employees in the trades. replica designer backpacks

high quality replica bags know that they have an employee assistance program but I also Fake Designer Bags know that he was very afraid to actually even approach Replica Handbags his employer because of the stigma that attached and because of the fear that he would lose work if he actually openly talked about what he was struggling with, which is a big problem, she said. high quality replica bags

programs exist, but for people to feel safe to access them, that huge in terms of an organizational culture. son died in August 2016 of a fentanyl overdose.

best replica bags online Lee Loftus, business manager of the BC Insulators, said the union makes workers aware of substance use programs through newsletters, magazines and social media but he understands stigma keeps people from approaching employers. best replica bags online

not going to lose aaa replica designer handbags their job because they use drugs, but because they miss time, he replica Purse said.

replica designer bags wholesale If a company fires an employee without providing help it is breaking the law and violating human rights and collective agreements, he said. replica designer bags wholesale

have to have cause to terminate people and the trade union movement and the construction people will intervene Designer Replica Bags at that state and say, have you done to help this person? would have to rehire people and provide treatment, he said.

cheap designer bags replica opioid crisis that replica bags underway right now has a lot of employers entering into a conversation, as with us in the trade union movement, said Loftus, past president of the BC Building Trades. cheap designer bags replica

are trying to find solutions to this, and to top it all off the legalization of marijuana is scaring the heck out of everybody. Everybody talking about how they going to manage this and how they going to do drug testing.