A designer rep is supposed to accent the other pieces in your

the more popular this sub becomes

This subreddit/community is made for sharing, searching for and discussing replicas of Designer brands. You are encouraged to ask questions and make canada goose outlet niagara falls reviews of what you canada goose outlet canada buy. Also please check the FAQ canada goose outlet locations in toronto if you have any questions.We do NOT allow canada goose outlet paypal certain streetwear brands in this subreddit, check the RULES for what brands you can post here. Generally speaking, feel free to anonymously report any thread or comment that doesn comply with the rules. I not saying this problem is specific to this sub, it the same canada goose outlet phone number for brands like Gucci, in my opinion the first collections alessandro michele did canada goose outlet belgium at Gucci were nice, but when i look at their last defil or on their website, i see way more piece with giant ” gucci ” branding than before, canada goose outlet uk when you look at their website litteraly every t shirt has canada goose outlet usa a ” gucci ” logo printed somewhere.I know fashion is very subjective and if some people enjoy wearing ” hypebeast ” piece, if it makes them feel good, it good for them, but the problem ( according to me ) is that in the replica world there isn really a lot of sellers and factories, and since most people want piece with big logo printed on it, i feel like there is less and less replicas of other pieces like Haider, Margiela, Ann D etc.And of course the sellers have litteraly no interest in making replicas of canada goose outlet store uk complex and researched piece when they can make a basic gucci logo t shirt in a few hours, and sell hundreds of it, why would they spend a lot of time making a replica of a complex piece when they can make more money in less canada goose jacket outlet toronto time with a simple t shirt or hoodie.I scared that in a few months or year, taobao sellers selling brands like haider, Rick owens etc. will have completly disappeared since the demand for those brands are really low compared to the demand for brands like gucci http://www.mycanadagoosejacket.org, LV and all that, what do you guys think?Turns out most nerds on the internet wanting cheap fake versions of clothing do it because they want to loudly canada goose outlet london show off brands they can affordAlways been that way. When dealing with reps of anything the majority is always gonna be flashy corny shit, whether it Supreme, Gucci, Rolex canada goose outlet , Jordans, etc., it ALWAYS gonna be mostly gaudy shit people want. Sorry to say it, canada goose outlet kokemuksia but canada goose outlet authentic the majority of people interested in reps have shit taste. Rep subs are canada goose outlet price fully of teenagers. They make it for the mass audience they can sell to and often the China community. Because you see a lot more hype items is just the in culture right now. Yes this sub has gotten annoying recently with people posting basic Gucci shit but if you’re also not new you should know reputable WeChat sellers with yupoos to see good items, know how to canada goose outlet ottawa image search to find rarer items or canada goose outlet online store know some good stores or how to find good stores via Chinese terms or searching for pieces and browsing the store. This sub isn’t suppose to spoon feed you great finds for your particular canada goose outlet florida taste. There’s still people who post great finds or gp top tier items or share top tier sellers. I mean I have seen a few posts of clean minimalistic fashion that would work with any outfit but for the most part it’s LV, Gucci, off white, or some super loud piece that just plasters the brand all over. That’s not the point of a designer rep in my opinion. A designer rep is supposed to accent the other pieces in your wardrobe and complete a look. Not be the focal point of your entire outfit. The sub is flooded with the same hypebeast items because that is what is popular, and that is what the repmakers make. Repmakers don go out of their way to make high quality and highly detailed reps when they could make cheap reps that sell very easily. If haider, ann d, rick, etc. reps were easy and cheap to replicate, then they might make them, but only if there a canada goose parka outlet demand for it. There is a demand, but it doesn even come close to the demand for gucci aces, webbed pants and canada goose outlet mall whatever is popular. If the sub only focused on high quality and highly detailed reps then it would be dead with an occasional post every week maybe.

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